About the PTA

The Fall City Elementary School Parent Teacher Student Association (FCES PTSA) is a group of community volunteers who donate their time in a variety of different ways to support our mission to provide programs and services that will enhance the learning environment.

The programs our PTSA organizes and the funds we raise are entirely made possible by your monetary donations. Just as important, is the donation of your gift of time to the school.  Many of the events we produce are not possible without community participation.  If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our Get Involved page.

2023-2024 PTSA Executive Board

Presidents: Danielle Bothwell and Kimbra Baker

The Presidents are responsible for the operations of the FCES PTSA in accordance with the WA State PTA Uniform Bylaws and the PTA Standing Rules. Presides at all executive and general PTSA meetings. Communicates and collaborates regularly with the school principal, staff, Executive Board, committees, and membership.  Works with the Executive Board to develop and oversee budget allocation, strategic direction, decision-making, and more.


Vice-President: Meagan Scoggins

The Vice-President assists the Presidents with all PTSA responsibilities. Will stand in if a president is unavailable or in the event a president steps down.


Secretary: Jamie Rowse

The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes and recording all business at each PTSA meeting and prepares them for approval at the next meeting. Takes attendance to ensure a quorum is present. 


Treasurer: Marcie Scott

The treasurer performs all financial accounting of the PTSA, including its membership fees and program profits. Signs checks and receives deposits according to the approved yearly budget. Presents budget reports at monthly meetings. Helps to develop the budget in May and closes the books at the end of each year. Files tax returns and other government forms.


VP of Fundraising: Morgan Leahy and Beth Beckmann

Fundraising works to develop and plan fundraising activities, working to build relationships and explore new fundraising ideas, to help the PTSA raise money to support and enhance your student's education. Major fundraising efforts include the Walk-a-Thon, Dine-Out fundraisers, and the Spring Raffle & Silent Auction.


VP of Communications: Brittany Dansereau and Mandy Reichmuth

Communications manages the PTSA communication channels including website, Facebook, newsletter, etc. to create awareness amount the school, families and community. Creates flyers and content for various communication channels. 


After School Programs: Morgan Leahy and Ashley Etchells

Assist in organizing after school programs.


Book Fair: Traci Clark

Fall & Spring Scholastic brings in a "book shop" for students/parents to purchase books.


Class Parents: Kimbra Baker

Class parents are the advocates for their particular grades and classes. They are the go-to for PTSA in the classrooms. The chairperson is responsible for working with and supporting the class parents.


Emergency Preparedness: Jennifer Mitchell

Makes sure that our emergency supplies are up to date and that we have everything needed for various emergencies.


Fall Conference: Marie Riley

Coordinates lunch, dinner and snacks for the Fall Conference.


Field Day: Jen Meehan

Help Sue Frederick organize Field Day on June 12, 2024.


Fifth Grade Celebration: Jen Hall and Kelly Kirchmeier

Coordinate with the school on 5th grade celebration: yard signs, car parade supplies, etc.


Kindergarten Play Dates: Mindy Leonardi

Organize and schedule weekly Kindergarten playdates in August 2024 for incoming 2024-2025 kindergarteners.

Membership: Mindy Leonardi

Define for the community the benefits of membership in the PTA and actively recruit members. Plan and implement membership drive(s). There are many resources available online from the State PTA Website to help with this. (It’s simpler than it sounds!) Also responsible for online registration and maintenance of the membership roster, membership forms, and distributing membership cards and directories.


Nominating Committee: Leann Grim (Coordinator); Val Risan and Annie Hartmann (Co-Chairs)

This is a crucial job within the Fall City Elementary PTSA. The nominating committee selects nominees for the incoming PTSA Executive Committee each year. Positions on the Executive Committee includes: President, Vice-President, VP of Fundraising, VP of Communications, Secretary, and Treasurer. If you want a short-term commitment in the spring, this is the volunteer position for you.


Parent Play Days Coordinator: Amber Mattson

Coordinates the Parent Play Days, calendar, games on the playground, etc.


Reading Hall of Fame: Amy Ferland

Students and parents record their monthly reading minutes and turn in (online or flyer) their reading logs. Each student that turns in their reading logs receives a free book each month. 


Reflections: Kat Plewa

In charge of reviewing the Reflections Art contest rules/categories and deciding which categories we will offer for submission. Responsible for communicating the rules and contests to the PTSA Board VP of Communications to announce the contest. When submissions are received, they are mounted and submitted to the appropriate contest contact per the instructions.


SBA Testing Snacks: OPEN

Coordinate snacks for the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA). The SBA is administered to students in grades 3-5 in the Spring. Coordinate with families to donate snacks for students. Any snacks not donated, pick up to fill in the gaps.


Science Fair: Brittany Dansereau and Lindsay Jackson

Vendors (like the Reptile Man & a petting zoo) come and help families appreciate science on one evening in the spring.  Hands-on STEM projects are a big part of the evening and any student who wants to participate in their own science experiments prepare & showcase their projects/project boards for the whole school to see. 


Spelling Bee: Meagan Scoggins

Coordinate two spelling bee competitions in February. There is a spelling bee for K-2 and one for 3-5.


Spirit Wear: Morgan Leahy

Coordinator works with apparel company to design, sell and distribute apparel with our FCES logo on them.


Spring Raffle + Silent Auction: Morgan Leahy and Beth Beckmann (Auction), Tory Lincoln (Raffle Baskets) and Jen Hall (Raffle Ticket Sales)

Coordinate with teachers to assemble classroom raffle baskets. Coordinate ticket sales prior to the event. Work with local businesses to donate items, services, and experiences to the auction. Coordinate the auction through an online platform.


Classified Staff Appreciation: Carrie Jamison

Coordinate appreciation gifts for all classified staff at FCES during Classified Staff Appreciation Week.


Teacher Appreciation Week Coordinator: Kelly Kirchmeier

Coordinate various gifts/events for all teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.


Monthly Teacher Appreciation Coordinator: Aditi Waghray

Coordinate stocking teacher lounge with snacks and drinks for teachers and staff.


Walk-A-Thon: Jen Hall and Carlee Partridge

Coordinate our annual event that occurs in the fall each year. This includes fundraising, set-up, coordination with school staff and PTSA board, snacks for students, etc.


Watch D.O.G.S.: Joey Weir and Chris Ferland

Watch D.O.G.S. are fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other father figures who volunteer for at least one day each year. During the day, they may read and work on flash cards with students, play at recess, eat lunch with students, patrol the school entrances and hallways, assist with traffic flow, and any other assigned activities where they actively engage with not only their own students but other students as well.


Yearbook: Jamie Rowse and Beth Beckmann

Handle the design, coordination, sales, and distribution of the yearbook at the end of the year. Collect photos from school and PTSA events throughout the year and complete a layout for the yearbook.